Exhibition: Journey With Paper by Sandra Davis


January 7 – February 8, 2013

Sandra Davis

Opening reception: January 12th, 3-6pm
View the Evite here
Entertainment by Soul in Motion

Artist talk: January 27th, 2-4pm

My work can be considered “Green” or “Re-purpose” art. I work with recycled paper and items that can be used as painting surfaces that we as consumers throw away. I have an abundance of the resource. The goal is to create with what is on hand. The medium is “mixed media” which consist of paper from magazines, shredded documents, paper towels, tissue paper and gift bags along with other found papers. I incorporate acrylic paint and utilize the leftover acrylic skins as well.

The choice of material is based on discovery and experimentation. I will start with a small version and work larger to see if the technique is repeatable and sustainable. The common theme of my work is generally female oriented, afro centric portraits with specific themes. Other pieces are abstract in nature exploring movement, color and materials.
My current work incorporates the use of shredded papers, acrylic paint and acrylic skins. The technique allows the work to take on movement based on the application. It can be bound together with color and gel medium or it can be applied color specific to create a surface that cannot be done with paint alone.




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