Urban Landscapes: From DC to Denmark


Urban Landscapes: From DC to Denmark


Digital Photography by Kimberly C. Gaines


Through January 22, 2011


Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery
The Center for Green Urbanism
3938 Benning Road, NE
Washington, DC


Reception: Friday, January 7, 2011


6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.




Artist’s Statement:


 “Solar panels, green space, bicycles and assimilation; brick, construction, power and gentrification, those are the words that I equate with Denmark and DC.


 This exhibition shows how well both places mask the power they have over “little people” with development. From DC to Denmark, you will find the nuances of city life; manicured lawns, mosaics, graffiti, traffic… all at the surface of a complex human condition. Traveling to Denmark to discuss integration from my perspective as a teaching artist, I found that it was really assimilation that was sought, but the resiliency of war torn immigrants is in conflict with a new generation growing up Dane. When gentrified neighborhoods and marginalized people have been camouflaged with new store fronts and street signs in DC living the battlefield has a glossier appearance. This exhibition is about the surfaces.


You will not always be able to identify the “hood” in either place but you must certainly keep in mind that it exists.”


About Kimberly C. Gaines:


Kimberly C. Gaines was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, and “grew up” in Washington, DC. In the chocolate city, Kimberly studied film and photography at Howard University. She is the founder of sondai expressions, her own graphic design and photography firm. Her skills as a visual artist have led her to be a consultant for over 7 years.

 Kimberly’s photographs have appeared in Metro Connections, the Source Magazine, Urb Magazine and The Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery. She has also completed designs for the Harlem Theater Company, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Green and Williams Enterprises, Inc., and the stage musicals THE TRUTH and All That Glitters… for Restoration Stage, Inc.


 Kimberly was selected in 2005 by the Museum of the African Diaspora to be a part of their permanent exhibit with her portrait series, Lady’s Day in the Park. She is currently using her talent in design, photography and media to build curriculum for youth to foster a better understanding of Media Literacy.


 Ms. Gaines participated in a United States Delegation to Denmark where she was a part of a partnership program between the US State Department and the World Learning Visitor Exchange Program, touring bilingual community-based organizations as part of an outreach and integration of marginalized populations in Denmark.

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