Exhibition Opening: Fallout Shelter: A Refuge for DC’s Scrap


Win a ‘scrappy kit’ like this one at the opening of Fallout Shelter: A Refuge for DC’s Scrap on September 7th, 6:30-8:30pm!

Fallout Shelter: A Refuge for DC’s Scrap

September 4- 29, 2012

Opening reception Fri. 9/7, 6:30-8:30 pm

Entertainment by the Bumper Jacksons!

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For the second year, SCRAP-DC and The Center for Green Urbanism have teamed up! SCRAP-DC has chosen artwork to turn The Center for Green Urbanism into a “shelter” for a different kind of fallout: the city’s “debris” in any of its forms. Pieces were selected based on how well the work fits the theme, with jurors paying attention to innovative uses of repurposed materials made into particularly high-quality art. Fine art and fine crafts are were accepted, provided they consisted of at least 75% reclaimed material.

Exhibition Location
Center for Green Urbanism – Tubman-Mahan Gallery
3938 Benning Road NE Washington DC 20019

Featured Artists

Sally Brucker (returning from last year)
Judith Capen
Timothy DeVenney
Jason Haaber
Winston Harris
Traci Oberle
TP Resident artist Renee Lachman

Bumper Jacksons

“Together, Chris and Jess Eliot are the Bumper Jacksons. Their initial meeting fueled a riotous impromptu jam on the lawn of a radical bike house in Washington, DC.… The music never quit since. A duo born from two very different parts of the American South, the musical synergy created is undeniable. They perform the old traditional sounds of America, heart-wrenching and youthful, and always in the spirit of raw adventure…”

THIS WEEKEND Saturday 8/18 5-7pm: Artist’s Talk with Russ McIntosh – Double Take

Artist’s Talk with Russ McIntosh: Saturday, August 18, 5-7pm

Join The Center for Green Urbanism Tubman-Mahan Gallery for Double Take featuring the digital artwork of Russ McIntosh. Double Take will take place at The Center for Green Urbanism Tubman-Mahan Gallery, 3938 Benning Road, NE, Washington, DC 20019.

July 23 – August 31, 2012

Originally a participant in the Gallery’s April 2011 exhibition Mama Earth, Russ McIntosh has successfully expanded his portfolio and reach. His work has been featured in local exhibitions such as Artomatic 2012 and Flashpoint’s Adventure Residency Art Show, as well as throughout the United States from The Billboard Art Project in San Bernardino, CA to the 4×6 Exhibit at The Art Gallery in Grand Junction, CO. McIntosh has also received a variety of honors and awards, this year he received a Juror’s Honorable Mention Award for each piece: It’s a Wonderful World?, Impressions, and Altered State. McIntosh also does work by commission, actively blogs, and is always looking to advise emerging artists.

Per the Double Take theme, of his work McIntosh states: “The essence of my art is for the viewer to look deep within my images to find something much more than what they originally saw upon the initial view of the pieces. The images I have created have many layers in them, and though at first glance the main composition does register with them, it is upon further reflection that the viewer can see “hidden images” that were originally unnoticeable.”

Events will all be held at The Center for Green Urbanism Tubman-Mahan Gallery:

Opening Reception: Friday, July 27th, 6:30-8:30pm

WACAS Launched!

From Patrick McDonough, August 9, 2012

Hello friends and colleagues,

I am excited to announce the launch of the Washington Area Cached Artifact System, or WACAS, a public space initiative located throughout Washington DC.  WACAS will feature a series of hidden store boxes, that when coupled with an online discussion portal aim to encourage and reward exploration, discovery, observation, and play throughout our urban environs.  Cache locations, forums, and additional information can be  found at www.wacas.net

I hope that you are able to participate in the system, and look forward to viewing your forum entries !

All best,